AMS Asia

AMSbookings.ASIA is an AMSterdam (The Netherlands) based booking agency with DJ's and LIVE acts from Europe and Asia. This international artists agency is the Asian department of AMS Bookings and part of Amsterdam Music Society which also focus on music publishing, event creation and record labels.

With over 25 years experience and network in the international music industry AMS is the gateway between East and West serving you expertise in bookings, event creation, stage design, festival programming, music publishing including song writing and producing top hits for and with the Asian domestic music market. 

We at AMS love Asia! The people, the culture, the nature, the food, the music. It's so diverse and so inspiring. When touring Asia, our artists try to stay some longer to learn more about the local culture, meet new people, taste diverse Asian food and enjoy the daily urban vibes or to leave the big cities for some fascinating nature and rest.

AMS Bookings, founded in 1999, has experience in touring artists in Asia since the millennium. China, Japan, India, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand to name just a few countries where our artists played. While touring all over Asia we discover talent in a very early stage. Good example is DJ Nakadia from Thailand. Today she is the most booked female techno DJ from the Asian continent and played in 65+ countries so far. Another example is Shanghai based dj, producer musician and club director Jasmine Li from China, who has been touring worldwide incl 5 shows on elrow.

We also initiate dance events and networking events with focus on Asia during the annual and worldwide renowned Amsterdam Dance Event to create a platform and more recognition for Asian artists worldwide. On #ADE16 we presented the event China Pavilion. On #ADE17 AMSbookings.ASIA showcased Asian artists from China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore. On #ADE18 AMSbookings.ASIA presented Catching The Korean Wave, a conference with full focus on South Korea during ADE. See all streamed panels here. On #ADE19 Asia Konnekt became the official ADE conference focussed on the whole Asian continent, except China which is covered by the House Of China conference on ADE. In 2019 Asia Konnekt put extra focus on Japan, Taiwan and South Korea and organised a Networking and Drinks to have East meet West. On #ADE20 Asia Konnekt will again put the spotlights on several Asian countries with a strong panel program.

We create opportunities for Asian artists to boost their international career and tour all over Asia and finally all over Europe, starting in AMSterdam, The Netherlands. The other way around we tour European artists and our own AMS artists all over Asia. In 2020 we will introduce two of the most amazing tribute acts worldwide. One is named The Ultimate Thriller, Thé Michael Jackson Tribute LIVE Concert Experience with the original band members, choreograph and sound engineer who all worked for years with the King Of Pop. The other act is Fleetwood Max: The Incredible Story, a LIVE pop/rock documentary. If you're a Fleetwood Mac fan you're in for a treat. If not, you most certainly will be after experiencing this real live documentary. Featuring dramatic episodes in the history of Fleetwood Mac and including major hits like Don't Stop, Big Love, Dreams, Go Your Own Way and Little Lies. An intense 3-hour show performed with heart and soul by Dutch rock and roll giants The Cosmic Carnival. 

We believe that the Asian electronic music industry will grow faster if domestic talent get the chance to develop their career not only in their home country but also in the neighboring countries and overseas. In 2008 we signed our first Thai DJ Nakadia and in 2017 we signed our first Chinese DJ Jasmine Li. By today Nakadia played in 72 countries with an average of 100+ shows a year. We now can proudly say Nakadia is the busiest Asian female DJ worldwide.

 AMSbookings.ASIA 是来自荷兰阿姆斯特丹的演出经纪公司, 公司主营来自亚洲与欧洲的DJ's 与现场演出。这一国际性的演出预订AMSbookings.ASIA 是AMSbookings公司下的亚洲部门也是Amsterdam Music Society的一部分, Amsterdam Music Society也专注于音乐出版,活动组织以及唱片厂牌。



AMS Bookings成立于1999年,自从2000年开始就有了艺人在亚洲巡演的丰富经验。公司的艺人已在许多的亚洲国家演出,例如:中国,日本,韩国,印度,泰国,新加坡,马来西亚,印度尼西亚等等。亚洲巡演的期间,我们挖掘了非常有才能的dj。Dj Nakadia 就是一个很好的例子,Nakadia来自泰国,亦今为止她已经到过60多个国家演出。现在她成为了来自亚洲热门的女性电音DJ之一


AMS Bookings 主要致力于欧洲的艺人在亚洲的巡演,以及亚洲艺人在亚洲地区于欧洲地区的演出和发展。我们为一些非常有才的亚洲艺人们创造机会帮助他们全球性的事业发展,从整个亚洲的巡演到欧洲而荷兰的阿姆斯特丹会成为这些艺人们的第一站。另外我们也专注于发展欧洲艺人的亚洲巡演。