AMS Bookings Asia intend to start up a domestic roster and represent the most talented artists from China whether these are deejays, live-acts or (rock/pop) bands.

While touring all over China we discovered amazing talented Chinese artists, a very creative and healthy music industry with devoted and passionable people who run clubs, festivals with focus on non-commercial electronic music styles like techno, house, electro a.o.

Since 2004 AMS Bookings invited several industry people working in China to Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) to inform the world about the developments in their country. From event and festival organisers, club owners to deejays, label owners and digital platform owners. In 2014 AMS Bookings initiated the idea to host an annual event with focus on Asian countries on ADE to create a showcase with the best talent from Asia and a networking event to start up mutual business between the East & the West.

In 2016 this resultated in a China Pavilion where, together with partners we hosted VLLA, a Berlin style villa with garden where we created a networking event outside and a showcase inside presenting a broad range of talented artists from China on stage performing next to Dutch with a close connection to China and German guest deejays. Enjoy here the after movie.

Amsbookings Asia开始启动来自中国的有着顶尖才华的艺人名单。不论他们是DJs还是(摇滚与流行)乐队


自2004起,Ams Bookings 邀请了一些亚洲国家的行业内人士来到阿姆斯特丹参加ADE(阿姆斯特丹电子音乐节)并向来自世界各地的人们展示电子音乐行业在这些亚洲各国内的发展。参与者来自各活动主办方,音乐节主办,场地所有者到DJs,label以及数字平台所有者。

在2014年 Ams Bookings萌生起一个想法,在ADE上举办一场特殊的活动-专注亚洲国家音乐文化的活动,邀请来自亚洲各国具有才能的艺人参加演出并建立东方于西方音乐之间的交流,创立互助商业模式。

在2016年协同我们在荷兰以及中国的合作伙伴共同主办了VLLA-“中国馆”的演出,柏林风格的villa场地中,我们为到来的每一位提供了良好的交流场所 — 场地内的室外花园。室内的舞台为所有人展示了来自中国的艺人们的才华,同时还邀请了来自荷兰和德国的DJs嘉宾。下面可以欣赏到这次在VLLA演出的回顾视频

Focus on China - Amsterdam Dance Event 2016