I thought it was time
For biography in rhyme
Since these things are boring
And it saves writing lines
My moniker is ‘Mason’
I hail from Amsterdam
Making block rockin’ records
At least that’s the plan!
I’ve had hits on the airwaves
On Beatport charts too
I just make the music
That feels right to do
My next few releases
Come on labels far and wide
Like the label called ‘Island’
Where pop legends reside
Bunny Tiger and LouLou
Are also on hand
And Kittball as well
From Germany land
In the past there’ve been tracks
With the famous and new
From the lovely Roisin Murphy Run DMC too
The imprint I founded
Called Animal Language
Makes records and parties
In a musical sandwich
Two albums released ‘They Are Among Us’ and ‘ZOA’
Getting plaudits and props
From London to Goa
I love to play out
In clubs and on stages
Don’t want to play fodder
Just to pick up some wages
My sound is diverse
I’ll spin vocals and beats
From disco to tech
And filthy funk treats
So expect the unexpected
When I head to your town
The reason I’m here
To make you dance like a clown


来自荷兰的音乐制作人,Animal Language厂牌的创始人Mason,他创作的音乐从来都无视流派,不屑于被分門别类。从2005年开始,他的音乐就一直肆虐舞池,称霸世界各大榜单。 

到目前为止,Mason不仅在许多世界一流的夜场表演过,比如Space、Amnesia、Fabric、Ministry Of Sound、Green Valley等等, 还在许多著名音乐节上掀起高潮,比如Sensation White、Tomorrowland以及 Creamfields。

在2006年Mason凭借一首火遍全球的单曲《Exceeder》首次引起了主流市场的注意,他的名字曾出现在许多著名音乐厂牌的阵容之中,包括Fool’s Gold、Great Stuff、Cheap Thrills、Boys Noize等等。

首张专辑《They Are Among Us》引起一阵轰动,除了被《Mixmag》评为当月最佳专辑,更是被称赞为年度 “最棒的电音专辑之 一”。这张专辑客串的艺人不仅有传奇说唱歌手(Run) DMC和Kurtis Blow还有Moloko前女主唱Roisin Murphy。

第二张专辑《ZOA》是一张以电子音乐为主、进而杂糅了各种风格音乐的专辑,这张新专辑所代表的音乐自由主义令人身心愉悦。传奇音乐人 Jocelyn Brown、 宗教电子流行乐先锋Zoot Woman、 著名歌手 Rouge Mary以及美国Hip Hop组合Champagne Champagne 等一众人全部被扔进了Mason的音乐培养皿,最终培育出《ZOA》这个有超强感染能力的电子乐病毒。



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