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Shanghai based electronic music artist Jasmine Li has been DJing for over a decade. Due to her natural talent for music, skills, techniques and her signature sound, Jasmine Li has elevated electronic music in China and remains on the forefront of Asia’s contemporary underground house and techno scene. Hailing from Guangzhou, Jasmine is co-founder of Shanghai’s popular afterhours club Celia, committed to playing deep house, tech-house and techno. Touring both Asia and Europe, Jasmine graced the decks of iconic music venues and festivals; from Pacha Barcelona, to Elrow, Amsterdam Dance Event and Great Wall Festival, playing alongside the likes of Mark Knight, Dixon, Nakadia, Lexlay, Matthias Meyer, Kamara and others. When she’s not DJing or performing live, Jasmine can be found in the studio producing music, incorporating the traditional Chinese sounds of the Pipa and Guzhen into innovative electronic music.

Inspired by her father’s love for opera, Jasmine started her musical journey as a child prodigy at the age of 5. She first started playing the Pipa and Guzhen, after which she took part in the Guangzhou Opera for 12 years as the leading Pipa soloist. In her early twenties, Jasmine Li entered the world of electronic music. As much an electronic music enthusiast as an accomplished Pipa and Guzhen player, she started blending the traditional with the new, creating sounds not heard before. She was supporting DJ for Sasha and Paul Oakenfold’s 2004 China tour, and a series of club residencies between 2006 and 2013 followed, including Park 97, Dada, The Mansion and Midi Festival. Soon after, she made several appearances throughout Europe. She also featured in Asian edition magazines of Esquire Magazine and GQ.

In the summer of 2013, along with Patrick Podage and Them Waits, Jasmine Li released her first EP, ‘Everybody Wants Me’ on Lola Records. The three original tracks showcase her talent for creating deep, melodic tech-house. Remixes by Christian Lattner, Einmusik, Mario Aureo and The Tarumba Brothers followed. In 2013 and 2014 Jasmine was shareholder and resident DJ at Shanghai’s underground club Shiva Lounge. In 2015, along with Milano live performers Davide Franchi, Flavio Crinelli and Alessia Punzo, Jasmine Li initiated the concept Sparkling Elements, playing traditional instruments live on house and techno. The same year she became co-owner of Downtown Club and currently she is co-founder and resident DJ of Shanghai’s afterhours club Celia. 

Jasmine Li knows how to enchant the crowd, whether during warm-up sets or in headlining slots. Her live sets are unique and constantly traversing different moods and genres. She is always moving forward and creating new concepts, without ever losing sight of her heritage. Jasmine’s inexhaustible creativity lead to exciting new music, and more new projects are coming up soon…

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上海电子音乐艺术家 Jasmine Li 十多年来一直是DJing。由于她在音乐、技巧、技术和她的标志性声音方面的天赋,Jasmine Li 在中国的电子音乐领域已经发展壮大,并在亚洲当代的电子音乐House 和Techno的舞台上保持着领先地位。来自广州的Jasmine Li是上海广受欢迎的Celia俱乐部的联合创始人,她致力于Deep House 、Tech House 和 Techno。巡演在亚洲和欧洲,Jasmine Li 装饰了标志性的音乐场馆和节日;从巴塞罗那,到埃尔罗,阿 姆斯特丹的电子⾳音乐节和⻓长城⾳音乐节,和Mark Knight, Dixon, Nakadia, Lexlay, Matthias Meyer, Kamara 等⼀一起演出。当她不不是DJing或表演现场的时候,可以在录音室⾥里里找到Jasmine的⾳音乐,把琵琶和古筝的中国传统声⾳音融 入到创新的电子⾳音乐中。

受到父亲对歌剧的喜爱,Jasmine Li 在5岁的时候就开始了她的音乐之旅。她首先开始演奏琵琶和古筝,之后她在 广州歌剧院参加了12年的琵琶独奏和粤剧伴奏。20岁出头的时候,Jasmine Li 进入了电子音乐的世界。作为一名 出色的琵琶和古筝演奏者,她开始将传统与新音乐融合在一起,创造出前所未有的声音。她在2004年为 Sasha 和Paul Oakenfold的中国巡演担任 D J ,并在2006年至2013年期间参加了一系列的俱乐部演出,包括Park 97,DADA、和 Midi 音乐节。不久之后,她在整个欧洲出现了好几次。她还在《Esquire》杂志和《GQ》杂志的亚洲 版杂志上发表过文章。

2013年夏天,随着Patrick Podage 和 Them Waits,Jasmine Li 发布了她的第一个EP,“Everybody Wants Me”的Lola唱片。由Christian Lattner, Einmusik, Mario Aureo 和 The Tarumba Brothers 一起制作 混音。2013

年和2014年,Jasmine是上海地下俱乐部Shiva Lounge的股东和音乐总监。2015年与Davide Franchi, Flavio Crinelli 和 Alessia Punzo, Jasmine Li 发起了“Sparkling Elements” 的概念,在House和Techno 融合演奏传统 乐器。同年她成为了Downtown 俱乐部的其中创始人,目前她是上海俱乐部Celia的联合创始人和音乐总监。

Jasmine Li 知道如何让观众兴奋,无论是她作为国际热⻔门艺人暖场Dj她的生活场景是独特的,不断地穿越不同的 情绪和体裁。她总是在不断前进,创造新的概念,而不会忽略她的传统。Jasmine Li 的无穷创造力导致了令人兴 奋的新音乐,更多的新项目即将推出




silverlining is initiated by Jasmine Li and Ebar as electronic music duo based in Shanghai, China.  They are part live performance, part DJ set.  East meets West, old meets new.

Jasmine Li is 15 years in the DJ booth and the top ranked female underground DJ in China, and formerly the proprietress of notorious Shanghai clubs - Celia, Downtown, Shiva Lounge. She's also a professional classical musician and a critically acclaimed virtuoso of the "pipa", a lute-like stringed instrument with over 2 millennia of Chinese tradition. After 6 years of conservatory, she has been playing professionally for 28 years, with 12 of them as first-seat pipa in the Guangzhou Opera.

New York's Ebar has 28 years of house and techno experience in the DJ booth and studio. He's had over a hundred releases on label ranging from King Street and Nervous to Sony and RCA, and played some of the rowdiest floors in the world. Along with being a festival promoter, industry executive, journalist, 3-time label owner, and vocal advocate of the genre, he's also a classically trained pianist.

Winter 2017 in Shanghai saw Ebar and Jasmine Li combine as silverlining, a proper pumping DJ tagteam (tech, deep, prog) interspersed with live amplified performances on the pipa + Ableton Push. This east-meets-west duology hasn't been done quite like this before in the electronic scene, and the ingredients are ripe for a fertile and creative gig.

silverlining just concluded their first tour including performances at:

707 – Bali, ID

Modissa - Zurich, CH

Summer Story Festival - Madrid, ES

Kitkat Club - Berlin, DE

Luxor Live - Arnhem, NL

The Lakehouse - Antwerp, BE

W Hotel - Shanghai, CN



Jasmine Li 在DJ台工作了15年,是中国排名最高的地下DJ,她曾是上海臭名昭著的俱乐部——西莉亚(Celia)、市中心和湿婆酒吧(Shiva Lounge)的老板。她也是一位专业的古典音乐家,也是一位广受好评的“琵琶”演奏家。琵琶是一种琵琶般的弦乐器,有着两千多年的中国传统。经过6年的粤剧音乐学院生涯,她已经从事了28年的职业生涯,其中12年是广州歌剧院的首席琵琶。

纽约的Ebar在DJ舞台和录音棚里有28年的House和 Techno经验。他已经发行了一百多张唱片,从《King Street》到《Nervous》,再到Sony和RCA,他还出演了世界上最吵闹的几部。除了是一名DJ和制作人,他还是一个音乐节推广者、音乐行业高管、新闻记者、3个唱片厂牌的拥有者、电子音乐的声乐倡导者,以及一个受过传统训练的钢琴家。 

在2017年的上海冬季,Ebar和Jasmine Li共同出演silverlining,这是一个合适的DJ团队(tech, deep, prog),穿插了琵琶 + Ableton Push的现场放大表演。这种东西方的二元对立在电子场景中以前没有做过这样的事情,而且原料已经成熟,可以进行丰富和创造性的演出。


707 -巴厘岛, 印尼

Modissa——苏黎世, 瑞士



Luxor Live -阿纳姆,荷兰