China Guanxi ADE // Sunday 22 October 2017 // De Bajes // Amsterdam // The Netherlands

China Guanxi presented by AMSbookings.ASIA will show the best talent in electronic dance music of mainland China during Amsterdam Dance Event at Sunday 22 October 2017 at De Bajes in Amsterdam. Read more here.




Dagverblijf ADE - Nusantara Affair // Saturday 21 October 2017 // VLLA // Amsterdam // The Netherlands

Amsterdam's favorite daytime party DAGVERBLIJF celebrating it's 5th year anniversary with DJ's and dishes from INDONESIA presented by AMSbookings.ASIA with Nusantura Affair-ADE at Saturday 21 October from 3pm-3am at venue VLLA in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Read more here.

Nachtverblijf ADE - Nakadia & Friends // ADE 2017 // Friday 20 October 2017 // VLLA // Amsterdam // The Netherlands

At Amsterdam Dance Event DJ's and Dishes from Thailand, South East and East Asia will be presented by Dagverblijf & AMSbookings.ASIA with "Nakadia & Friends" at VLLA venue from 8pm-5am. Read more here.

Jaachi Night Market - ADE // Thursday 19 October 2017 // Cinetol // Amsterdam // The Netherlands

Jaachi Night Market is bringing you the unique Taiwanese DJ scene hosted by 9 kick and AMSbookings.ASIA. Discover 8 Taiwanese artists while enjoying a delicious steamed bao bun and a sparkling white tea and Dutch techno live-act Kamara who play amongst the Taiwanese talents! Read more here

China X Taiwan X PIP // Saturday 14 October 2017 // PIP club // Den Haag (The Hague) // The Netherlands.

PIP is all about building bridges. Connecting Zeewolde to Gouda, Molenwijk to Benoordenhout. Now we found China the final fronteer, welcoming the red sun from the east to the grey sky of the West-Coast.

Building a metaphorical bridge between China and Taiwan in the safe haven of our 'brothel of culture' in Den Haag. With some of the leading figures out of the Chinese and Taiwanese underground dance scene.

中国(大陆) X 台湾 X PIP

PIP为搭建桥梁而生,我们连接起了柏林与豪达, Molenwijk与Benoordenhout,还有迪斯诺与里斯本。



Mickey Zhang
Jasmine Li
Sonia Calico
紅 April Red

Nusantara Affair // Thursday 9 February 2017 // KOH // Bali // Indonesia

Nusantara Affair is all about the innermost 'relati' between the Indonesian and the Dutch. It's a love affair without the drama. No breakups. Just passion for a solid groove and smooth to pumping rolling beats with intensive melodies. Totally in balance. Totally senang.

AMS will create a steamy House and Techno night and take you on journey to the roots of electronic music with Remy Irwan & Alvin K who are true pioneers of the underground music scene in Indonesia, where Teddy Crawfurd and Kamara both hail from Arnhem in The Netherlands, a real Techno and House city with festivals like 8Bahn and Free Your Mind. Teddy already switched countries and went back to his Indonesian roots, where he is the resident DJ of MINT Club Bali.

Kamara, who recently played 30 shows in China's Most underground venues and festivals headlines the Sunn techno stage on the new Mystic Valley festival in Thailand on 3 February before flying to Bali for a dj set to unite with the troops of the jakarta techno militia and his buddy Teddy.

Read more here.