From 19-23 October 2016 Amsterdam Dance Event featured 450 events and 2,200 artists over five days in 115 clubs and venues and attracted over 350,000 people from all over the world to the city, making Amsterdam the busiest club festival in the world.

Years of preparations and Dutch-Chinese collaborations made it finally possible to create a platform for artists from all over China and a networking event where East meets West next to panels on the ADE conference. 

On Saturday 22 October we all created a unique event with focus on China to showcase China's most promising talent in electronic music featuring Acid Rabbit, Bass Guo, Jasmine Li, Mickey Zhang, MIIIA, Ouyang, Punx & Max Nantong, Rainbow High, The Shanghai Restoration Project, Wengweng next to German guest dj's Kaiser Souzai and Toni Rios, Dutch guest dj's Ambivalenz, Marco Duits, Mike Ravelli, Tommy Hendriks, vj's Randy Visuals and the host of the event Dutch techno live-act Kamara.

Our event with focus on China took place in VLLA, a Berlin style villa with garden where we created a networking event outside and a showcase inside presenting a broad range of talented artists from China on stage performing next to Dutch with a close connection to China and German guest deejays. Here an overview of all artists in action on stage presenting themselves for a great international crowd.

从10月19日到23日,全球一年一度的电子音乐盛会ade(Amsterdam dance event)吸引了阿姆斯特丹全城2200多位艺人,在115各演出场馆中举行450+场活动,超过350,000来自全球的电音迷参与了这场盛大的狂欢。


10月22日我们举办了一场以中国为主题的独特的活动,展示了来自中国最有潜力的电子音乐人才:Acid Rabbit, Bass Guo, Jasmine Li, Mickey Zhang, MIIIA, Ouyang, Punx & Max Nantong, Rainbow High, The Shanghai Restoration Project, Wengweng 。 并且还邀请了来自德国以及荷兰的dj嘉宾Kaiser Souzai & Toni Rios, Ambivalenz, Marco Duits, Mike Ravelli, Tommy Hendriks, vj’s Randy Visuals, 以及 live-act Kamara.