A mighty girl from Thailand who provoked a techno revolution in her country and then allured to Berlin, Ibiza and all corners of the global scene. A top-notch artist who electrifies the dance floors with her infectious energy, impeccable mixing and uncompromised selection of percussive grooves. Endlessly talented, purely self-made, contagiously passionate, strikingly attractive, internationally praised - this is Nakadia, one of the most wanted female DJs today.

Nakadia carries her unstoppable energy since childhood, while growing up in Isaan -the poor Thai countryside. Various jobs led her to a first trip to Europe in 2002 where she encountered Techno. A turbulent journey began. She devoted herself to find the perfect sonic fuse. Gigs on the island of Koh Samui launched her internationally within the shortest amount of time. Crafting her techy sound without any guidance, in the country marked by mainstream only, she pioneered the rise of the underground, conquering the rest of the world simultaneously.

As increasing crescendo of her totally self-made career, Nakadia pinned over 60 countries to her gig-list, performing far more than 1200 time to date. She magnetized legendary “Watergate” Berlin, “The Egg” London, “D Edge” Sao Paulo, just to name a few.

After being discovered during a performance at “Sankeys” Ibiza 2013, she was invited to join the “ANTS” family by founder Yann Pissenem.. Only a few months after joining “ANTS”, Nakadia welcomed no other than legendary Sven Väth on the beach of Koh Samui. This event was the start to a great collaboration that peaked at the end of 2016 when Nakadia joined the Cocoon family and is now being represented by their Flash Artist agency.

From the sweet Asian girl behind the decks to a worldwide respected artist, from the dark clubs to the massive festivals, from Asia to Europe and back – Nakadia is taking her career step by step from one level to the next, and she is just getting warmed up!




伴随着自己职业生涯的成长,有超过60多个国家预订Nakadia在他们的演出场地或者音乐节,迄今为止她已经有超过1200场演出。例如:德国柏林的“Watergate”,英国伦敦的“The egg”以及圣保罗的“D Edge”。

2013年在西班牙伊比萨岛 “Sankeys” 的演出后,她受创始人 yann pissenem 的邀请加入“ANTS”家族。加入“ANTS”后的短短几个月,她受著名dj Sven Väth的邀请参加了在koh samui的海滩演出。这个活动是一个伟大的合作的开始,在2016年底Nakadia加入 cocoon family。