Dr. Lektroluv 电子狂人医生

Dr. Lektroluv 电子狂人医生


Hailing from the vast flatlands of Belgium, the green, half-human bespectacled pioneer is an enigma. Not much is know about this mysterious, 6ft tall being, other than an ability to blend and create a potent, intoxicating brew of big room sounds, hard 4-4 beats and jacking, twitching electron that sends high-voltage charges through this subjects. 

Dr. Lektroluv’s earth-moving appearances have long been proved to stamp onto the minds of those who witness him. The subsequent result is an emergency call to the Dr in search of a dose of musical medicine almost every weekend, time and time again. You can hear the people calling desperately for this unique love, Dr. Lektroluv to be precise.


这位身穿白色大褂,神秘又高大的绿脸巨人 Dr. Lektroluv - 电子狂人医生,是欧洲最大电子唱片厂牌LEKTROLUV 的创始人。他以超级震撼的电子音乐ELECTRO和TECHNO 为人类治疗心灵疾病!几乎每个周末,人们都会呼叫这位电子狂人医生,为他们带去一剂音乐良药。

Dr. Lektroluv是世界电子音乐中教父级人物,是欧洲电子音乐发展中的先驱者之一。他的唱片专辑被Red Bull Elektro-pedia嘉奖为2011年电子音乐唱片第一名,在2014年电子狂人医生获得Golden Gnome最佳着装奖。