Bass Guo

DJ, freelance musician, and lead singer and bassist in the Chinese reggae band "Long Shen Dao." From 2002-2007 he worked with the famous rock band "Cold Blooded Animal" as the bassist, and recorded on the albums 'XTX,' 'There is Only One Wish' and 'Reggae Guzheng.' In 2005, he worked with the psychedelic rock band "Ruins" and recorded the album 'The Record.' In 2007, Guo Jian founded the first authentic reggae band in China "Long Shen Dao" as the songwriter, singer and bassist. To date, the band has released one album in 2011 called 'Tai Chi Reggae.' As a DJ, in 2012 he co-hosted the 'China Moon' series of electronic music party while also releasing his personal Guqin and Jazz Trio album project called 'Return' in the same year proving the multiplicity of musical styles, love and live co-creation makes anything possible.

Guo Jian's band "Long Shen Dai" has been the recipient if several awards including "Best Band" (2011MiDi) and "Best Album" (2011 MiDi) and "Best New Artist" (2012 Mao Live). In 2012 they were voted among th top ten Mandarin albums ever released by Chinese media.

Guo Jian has toured in Japan, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Canada and has participated in many major Chinese music festivals including 'MiDI Music Festival,' 'Modern Sky Music Festival,' 'Zhangbei Music Festival,' 'Shanghai Jazz Festival' and 'Zebra Music Festival' as well as the following prominent overseas festivals:Waitangi Day,Wellington Concert,Chinese Reggae Lantren Festival 「New Zealand」and in Australia

Woodford Festival,Peat 's Ridge Festival。In Canada they performed at Luminato festival,The Works Festival,North Country Fair ,Cultura Festival & Sunfest.

DJfunk:Techno,techHouse,Electro House,Psy-Trance