Jasmine Li Goes Back To School

Author Marc Lankreijer

Jul 18, 2018

Changsha, known as the TV and Entertainment city of China and recently even the centerpoint of hiphop, is a famous historic city, a creative and a very happy city. More info here below.  

School has just been opened by DJ-producer Kobe Chen, who performed at Amsterdam Dance Event last year amongst other Chinese legendary dj's like Mickey Zhang, Ni Bing, Dauer State, Bass Guo and Jasmine Li.

Kobe Chen ran club Resident in Changsha, a 2 floors venue with a unique cosy feeling of a living room where only quality house, tech house and techno was played amongst other styles. School just opened this summer and their Mini Market (10am-2am) and Cocktail Bar (8pm-4am) is opened 7 days a week and the club is open for dancing from 11pm-6am for the weekend.

It's located at the BOBO International Building 101 in TianXin district with a capacity of around 200 people all combined. The Function One soundsystem proves quality is key for music lovers. Good sound is priority #1 for Kobe as well true skilled artists who can keep the beats rolling and controlling the dancefloor via precision mixing and cultured song selection.

Kobe Chen has been on the scene for more than 15 years now, from the early days of disco to today’s modern club culture. His present sound takes heavy influence from minimal techno pioneered by the likes of Richie Hawtin; whether it be in a club or at a festival. More info in Chinese below.

14 July Howie B, the legendary producer and DJ performed at School and 21 July its Jasmine's turn to go back to School and teach the crowd to dance the night away.

Inspired by her father’s love for opera, Jasmine started her musical journey as a child prodigy at the age of 5. She first started playing the Pipa and Guzhen, after which she took part in the Guangzhou Opera for 12 years as the leading Pipa soloist. In her early twenties, Jasmine Li entered the world of electronic music. She was supporting DJ for Sasha and Paul Oakenfold’s 2004 China tour, and a series of club residencies between 2006 and 2013 followed in China. After her first performance on Amsterdam Dance Event she got signed to AMSbookings.ASIA and started to play all over Europe and Asia. 

Jasmine Li knows how to enchant the crowd, whether during warm-up sets or in headlining slots. Her live sets are unique and constantly traversing different moods and genres. She is always moving forward and creating new concepts, without ever losing sight of her heritage. Jasmine’s inexhaustible creativity lead to exciting new music, and more new projects are coming up soon...

About Kobe Chen

Kobe_Chen ⻓长沙地下电⼦子⾳音乐先锋⼈人物,中国电⼦子⾳音乐圈内各⼤大⾳音乐节与俱乐部热邀的⼀一位PARTY DJ。2009年参与策划组织了迄今为⽌止湖南影响⼒力最⼤大的户外电⼦子⾳音乐派对【⻓长沙 - 湘江游轮派对】,2013年创办了湖南⾸首家也是当时唯⼀一⼀一家以UNDERGROUND电⼦子跳舞⾳音乐为主题的【MIDI CLUB】,2014年受邀联⼿手新浪湖南成功的策划了⻓长沙⾸首届纯电⼦子⾳音乐演出的【⻓长沙浏阳河电⼦子⾳音乐节】开创了整 个湖南的电⼦子⾳音乐历史先河。2015年开办⾄至今的“主场俱乐部”【CLUB RESIENT】让他多年来⼀一他直致 ⼒力推崇跳舞⾄至上的⾳音乐理念给整个城市带了持续不⼀一样的声⾳音。

Kobe_Chen的职业⽣生涯将近20年,历经了中国舞曲⽂文化从迪斯科年代到如今的俱乐部⽂文化,从业⾜足 迹也遍布了⼤大半个中国。喜欢极简主义的他,职业⽣生涯深受当今全球Minimal-Techno的开创⼤大神与⻛风向 标⼈人物Riche Hawtin的影响多年来⼀一他直致⼒力推崇跳舞⾄至上的⾳音乐理念,在经过多年驻场DJ的磨练下不 管是在俱乐部还是⾳音乐节的演出现场,他对现场舞池的掌控总能让你热舞不停。

Kobe_Chen对于电⼦子⾳音乐的执着与热爱并不仅仅表现在⾝身为⼀一个DJ的现场演出。喜欢在不同城市与 不同演出现场,亦或是各种主流媒介与⼤大家通过⾳音乐交流的同时,他也将更多的时间跟精⼒力投⾝身在电⼦子⾳音 乐的制作上。他始终认为“电⼦子⾳音乐不是冰冷的,因为每个电⼦子⾳音乐的后⾯面都有⼀一个⼈人”。

About Changsha

Changsha, as a famous historic city, is richly endowed with beautiful scenery and has brought forward numerous men of talent. With its name and site unchanged over the past 3,000 years, Changsha has long been known as “Home of Qu Yuan (great patriotic poet) and Jia Yi (famous politician and litterateur)”, “City of Chu-Han Culture” and “Xiao Xiang Zhu Si (City of Scholars’ Gatherings)”, and the city has been listed in the first 24 famous historic and cultural cities released by the State Council.

Changsha is a creative city that pursues prominence. The Huxiang culture, an organic integration of pragmatism and inclusiveness, edifies the Changsha spirit of caring about the world and daring to achieve prominence, and helped the city in forging various cultural brands.

Changsha is a happy city where people can enjoy their life and develop their career. The awareness of observing courtesy and decorum is rooted in the heart of every resident, making Changsha a National Culturally Advanced City, and the city has been honored as the Happiest City in China for 9 consecutive years.

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