Mason ASIA summer tour

Author Marc Lankreijer

Jul 26, 2017

Mason is without doubt one of the most original and innovative producer DJs in house music today. The Amsterdam based artist hit the scene back in 2007 with “Exceeder”, a track which showcased his talents across the world, becoming one of the most recognizable dance records ever. 

来自荷兰的dj以及制作人“梅森”是当下house 音乐中毫无疑问的最具原创心意以及创新力的制片人之一。这位来自阿姆斯特丹的艺术家在2007年为大家带来的作品“Exceeder”,展现了他在世界各地的才华,并且成为史上最识别性的电子舞曲专辑之一。

 Since then Mason has released scores of singles with some of the planet’s hottest labels as well as self releasing two artist albums. He has worked with legends such as Run DMC, Roisin Murphy and Kurtis Blow and has just finished a track with the US and UK top ten artist Alex Clare. 

从这之后“梅森”也与行业内最热门的几大厂牌合作发布了几十首单曲,并自行发表了两张专辑。 他曾与Run DMC,Roisin Murphy和Kurtis Blow等传奇人物合作,并且刚刚结束了与在美国以及英国排名前十的艺人Alex Clare合作完成了一首单曲。

Mason's most recent single, ‘Rhino’, on Defected Records is currently a huge record in Europe, having been championed by BBC Radio 1 in the UK. 

梅森的最新单曲“Rhino(犀牛)”目前为止在欧洲的许多唱片中脱颖而出取得了巨大的成功,此曲并获得英国bbc 1电台的第一名。

Mason is returning to Asia this August for a two week tour taking in China, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. As DJ he has always loved performing in this part of the world where his unique brand of tech-house-disco-funk music has always rocked wherever he plays. 

这个八月梅森将回到亚洲:中国, 马来西亚, 印度尼西亚以及泰国开展为期两周的巡演。作为一名dj 梅森一直都很热爱回到亚洲进行演出,无论在哪儿他独特的tech-house-disco-funk 音乐总会让人情不自禁的舞动以及摇摆。


Friday 4 August: Cafe del Mar - Phuket - Thailand 

周五,8月4日:Cafe del Mar – 普吉岛 – 泰国

Saturday 5 August: Piscobar - KL – Malaysia

周六,8月5日:Piscobar – 吉隆坡 – 马来西亚

Sunday 6 August: W Hotel - Bali – Indonesia

周日,8月6日:W Hotel – 巴厘 – 印度尼西亚


Friday 11 August: Migas - Beijing - China 

周五,8月11日:Migas – 北京- 中国 

Saturday 12 August: Vervo - Kunming – China

周六,8月12日:Vervo – 昆明 – 中国

Sunday 13 August: Pepper Club - Shenzhen – China

周日8月13日:Pepper Club –深圳 – 中国


Fashion Killer - Mason

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